Friday, July 25, 2014

Jewish problem - part 1

Our rulers don't keep their promises afraid* of the criminals who prosper under their rule.

There have been arguments about the Jewish legal professionals who 'represented' the Gaul victims' families at the 2004 RFI or were otherwise involved with the inquiry, the threats and the trouble they have caused us. (Apparently, or so we have been told, restoring justice in the Gaul case, telling the truth and criticising a few individuals would reflect unfavorably upon the whole Jewish community in Britain. This is nonsense.)

* There have been suggestions - and we wrote about this before - that securing unity across political parties with some noble purpose in view such as opposing military action etc. was the reason why the government needed to accommodate crime. This, however, is not true, it doesn't and it shouldn't have anything to do with us; it is just putting a gloss on what has been in fact nothing more than a sordid quid pro quo.


Wednesday, July 23, 2014


A specific form of ubiquity is the misreality that swarms around us. It consists of the great body of information that we ingest daily that is slanted, false or so subtly transformed that we don’t think to question it.” Jason B. Ohler 

The British press would not miss any occasion to peddle myths, even those that have been repeatedly and authoritatively debunked during the Gaul public inquiries. 

Publishing an obituary in its 23rd of June edition, The Scotsman thought it appropriate to use that somber occasion in order to breathe new life into the Gaul spy ship tale: 

It was at this time, February 1974 at the height of the Cold War that the FV Gaul, a fishing factory ship, mysteriously vanished with 36 crew on board on the night of 8-9 February in the Barents Sea. This was the very area the Explorer operated in. Ian believed the Soviets knew spying was going on but mistook the Gaul for the spy ship and sunk it. The full report into the sinking is still secret.” 

Examination of wreck has produced no evidence whatsoever to show that the Gaul had been deliberately sunk. The full report into the sinking is and has been public since 2004, of course.

Friday, July 04, 2014

Black and white

Those involved in the conduct and the cover-up of the Gaul, Derbyshire and Trident miscarriages of justice can blackmail the current government and the Crown (with their constant demands for inquiries), can intimidate, rouse the rabble and issue threats via all the state institutions that Labour infiltrated while in power, interfere with the already corrupt justice system, but they cannot efface black and white evidence of their wrongdoing. The evidence (of which both the government and the Crown are well aware, and which they seem to be using as counterbalance to the threats of exposure leveled at them*), unluckily for some, exists - annoying, unequivocal and uneffaceable and soon to be made public.

No amount of cunning and political horse trading or privileges afforded to certain ethnic minorities in Britain can compensate for bad luck.

* The child abuse inquiry being just one of the latest examples of which they are clearly terrified. We cannot understand why the Royal family would be so frightened about historic cases of child abuse, especially, it seems, about that involving Kincora boys' home.